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Heating Cable

  • Self Reg. Heater
  • Under Floor Heater
  • Snow-melting
  • Const. Wattage

Heating CableSnow Melting Cable


Model BS-SMC
Used To prevent the road from being frozen by the snow during winter, and operate by an automatic heat under the road at a steep slope in tunnel and entrance in parking lot.
Structure ① Heating wire ② 1st Insulation ③ 2nd Insulation ④ Glass fiber braided ⑤ Braid or spiral shield ⑥ Jakcet ⑦ Braided jacket
It is installed under the floor for excellence in mechanical strength and impact resistance by using fluoro-polymer


Technical Spec.

Power supply 220V, 380V
Tempurate level useMax 105℃ in continuous use
Cable design capacity 170W~350W/㎡ depending on condition
Cable install spacing 75mm ~ 125mm
Technical Spec. W/㎡ Remark
Road, parking lot300~350

Voltage, length and wattage can be designed by customer requirements.


Sidewalk, stairs 250~300
Harbor, bridge 300~350
Power plant area




  • Sidewalk: crosswalk, pedestrian overpass, underground pass, power plant, substation and other pathway in plant etc. 
  • Road: steep slope, entrance of apartment, tunnel and parking lot, highway, landing strip etc. 
  • Others: plaza, entrance of building, protection of grass at soccer field, cold storage, ice manufacture facilities etc.

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